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Gillian Whitney

International Video Marketing Coach – Specializing in LinkedIn Video

Gillian Whitney is a Video Marketing Coach specializing in LinkedIn video. She believes every business professional needs to be using video to market themselves. Video boosts your online visibility, increases sales, and promotes your business like no other marketing tool.

As a video marketing coach, Gillian helps business professionals make videos in a way that is comfortable for them. She loves sharing easy peasy solutions to help folks get started with video.

Gillian is a citizen of four countries – Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel. She’s become a global digital nomad. Have laptop – will travel. Gillian is currently residing in Las Vegas with her husband and beloved frequent flyer dachshund.

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As a marketing coach for over six years, I have become acquainted with all the different ways that business professionals can use to market their business, from email marketing to blogging to Search Engine Optimization. Based on my experience, video marketing gives business owners the biggest bang for their marketing buck. Nothing leapfrogs you to the top of the Google Search results than video. After deciding that video marketing was my preferred niche, I narrowed my focus specifically to LinkedIn video. This allowed me to combine two areas of interest, my passion for helping people with easy peasy video solutions and working specifically with clients that want to have better visibility on LinkedIn.

I get great joy from helping people feel empowered. Getting started with video is very difficult for many professionals. So many people are nervous about being on camera, don’t know what to say, and feel overwhelmed with all the tech involved. I love it when people begin to believe that they can dip a toe in the video marketing pool and make a video. That first step can be a game-changer for so many, and I love to support people with developing their self-confidence.


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