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Do you get nervous when you have to be on camera? Transform your camera fears into camera charm with How to Feel More Comfortable on Camera!


Written by Gillian Whitney, a LinkedIn Live Stream Strategist & Coach, How to Feel More Comfortable on Camera is the go-to guide to becoming more confident and at ease when facing the lens.

With this book, you’ll be able to speak confidently, connect with your audience, and share your ideas without feeling like a bundle of nerves.


Benefits of Reading This Book:

  • Speak confidently
  • Feel more comfortable and at ease
  • Share your message without feeling nervous
  • Learn how humor can melt away camera jitters
  • Tips on how to dress on camera so you look and feel great
  • How being a Toastmaster can boost your camera confidence
  • Discover the art of storytelling to keep your audience engaged
  • Warm-up techniques to start your camera interactions smoothly


This Book Is for You if You’re:

  • Running a Business
  • Marketing Products or Services
  • Job Hunting
  • Creating Live or Recorded Video Content


Let How to Feel More Comfortable on Camera be your guide to rewrite your story, face the camera with confidence, and make a lasting impression.


Transform your camera fears into camera charm and discover the power of feeling more comfortable on camera.

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