paperback cover of How to Feel More Comfortable on Camera

How to Feel More Comfortable on Camera by Gillian Whitney is a go-to guide to help you overcome anxiety and nervousness when appearing on camera, whether for business videos, marketing, job interviews, or creating other video content. It provides tips on speaking confidently, connecting with your audience, using humor, dressing for success, storytelling, and warmup techniques.

By following the advice in this book, readers can transform their camera fears into camera charm and make a great impression by feeling relaxed and at ease while on camera.

Hardcover image of the book Stand Out in Your Job Search With Video

Stand Out in Your Job Search With Video by Gillian Whitney walks your through using video to get noticed and stand out during your job search. It provides tips on overcoming camera shyness, fixing lighting/audio/background issues, creating compelling video resumes and interview answers, and leveraging video across platforms to get found and showcase skills.

The book aims to help college students, career changers, experienced professionals or anyone uncomfortable on camera to gain confidence on video in order to catch a recruiter’s eye faster and land your dream job.

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