LinkedIn Content That Converts with Lynnaire Johnston

In this special “Down Under Series” episode of the LinkedIn Easy Peasy Podcast I speak with Lynnaire Johnston about creating compelling content for LinkedIn.

Lynnaire Johnston is a LinkedIn expert, trainer, strategist, and content marketer based in New Zealand. She helps individuals and businesses maximize their success on LinkedIn through her training, consulting, and creative content services.

Lynnaire Johnston's profile

As the author of two bestselling LinkedIn books, Lynnaire understands the intricacies of crafting compelling content for the platform. Her book LinkAbility provides powerful strategies for maximizing LinkedIn success, while her co-authored book Business Gold offers insights into using LinkedIn Company Pages effectively.

Lynnaire’s creative and varied LinkedIn posts demonstrate her mastery of multiple content formats.

Creating Compelling Content for LinkedIn: Tips from a Kiwi Expert

Creating content that stands out and engages your LinkedIn audience can be challenging. But Lynnaire Johnston, a LinkedIn expert based in New Zealand, has some valuable tips to share.

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💡 Experiment with Different Formats

Lynnaire stresses experimenting with a variety of content formats like documents, images, videos and text posts. She posts 4-5 times per week using different formats. Switching up formats regularly avoids boredom and keeps content fresh and interesting.

💡 Speak Authentically from Experience

Lynnaire emphasizes speaking authentically from the heart about what you know through your own experiences and expertise. Authenticity comes through in your unique style and personality.

💡 Add Value with Footers and Postscripts

Lynnaire has been experimenting with footers and postscripts to add value and personality. Footers include calls to action, hashtags, and short bios. Postscripts like “one more thing” can provide an extra tip or insight. Putting the postscript at the very end ensures it’s not missed.

💡 Learn from and Collaborate with Others

Lynnaire learns from others like Richard van der Blom and then puts her own spin on ideas. She values meeting and collaborating with other LinkedIn experts worldwide.

💡 Repurpose Audio Content

Not having access to audio event replays means missing opportunities to repurpose valuable content. Lynnaire is hoping LinkedIn will make this feature available in the future.

🤔 Wrapping It All Up…

Lynnaire’s insights emphasize experimenting with different formats, adding personality through a footer and/or PS, and speaking authentically from the heart to provide value. Variety, authenticity, and knowledge sharing in your own style are the keys to compelling content.


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EP 116: Creating Compelling Content for LinkedIn

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