linkedin roadmap for success

Many of us struggle with trying to choose the best social media platform for our business. For us, the choice is clear… we’re all in on LinkedIn.

What we’ve learned is that being on LinkedIn is a journey… not a destination. And once you evaluate where you are at in your LinkedIn journey – it all starts to make sense.

Is this your story?

  • Been on LinkedIn for years but are still struggle with how it works
  • Just getting started with LinkedIn but feel like a deer in the headlights
  • You’re not on LinkedIn yet, but you are wondering if it’s right for you


No matter what your story is, after watching this video you will have a better understanding of where you are at in your LinkedIn journey. You will also walk away with what’s involved if you decide to move onward.

Highly suggest you check out John Espirian’s new book – Content DNA.

John’s new book was the inspiration for this video.

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gillian whitney
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