Send LinkedIn Video Messages from Your Desktop

In a previous edition of this blog I showed you how easy peasy it is to send video messages on LinkedIn using your mobile phone. If you haven’t read that, you can scoot on over and read that afterwards.

🔗 Sending LinkedIn Video Messages (From Your Phone)

But… what if you’re someone who is more comfortable using LinkedIn on the desktop?

Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a way to send video messages from your computer?

Well, the short answer is no. There is no way to record or upload a private video message on LinkedIn via desktop. 😟

But… I do have a work around I’d like to share.

You can use an external video messaging program and then copy/paste the URL into a LinkedIn message. 👏 I have researched and tested MANY different video recording tools and my favorite one is Loom.

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Why Loom?

✅ Easy Peasy to use
✅ Free Forever Plan
✅ Built-in video editor
✅ You can create webcam videos
✅ You can create screen share videos
✅ You can create combo videos (webcam + screen)
✅ Works in Chrome (nothing you need to download)

One of the my favorite features of Loom is that your videos play directly within the Loom player. Which means that all the recipient needs to do is click a link to watch your video. They don’t even need a Loom account to access your video. 👏

BONUS FEATURE #1: Closed Captions

Loom automatically creates Closed Captions for your video. This is an accessibility feature that is now available to all Loom users, even those on the FREE plan. When you record a Loom video a transcript is automatically created for you, which becomes your closed captions. 🙏

It is best practice to ALWAYS review the transcript Loom creates and make any required edits, before you send a message. It’s especially important to make sure you have the correct spelling of people’s names.

Gehan loom
BONUS FEATURE #2: Animated Thumbnails

I love that Loom allows you to include (or not include) an animated thumbnail with any of the video messages you send. This truly is easy peasy. Loom creates this GIF for you automatically by using the first few frames of your video.

I think Loom’s Animated Thumbnails can really add so much personality to your video messages. People are much more likely to click through and watch a video when there is an animated thumbnail.

After all, who couldn’t resist watching this bright and cheerful video message from the lovely Gehan (“G”) Haridy-Ardanowski. ❤️

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How to Send a Loom Video Message on LinkedIn:

From the messaging tab:

  1. Click in the “Write a message…” area
  2. Type any text to accompany your video message
  3. Paste in the URL of the video message from Loom
  4. Click the Send Message (blue) button to deliver your message

🎬 Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough of sending a Loom video message via LinkedIn [4:04 minutes]

⚠️CAUTION: Once a video message has been sent it is possible to delete it. However, be aware that the recipient will have already received a notification and they may have even watched it before you hit delete.

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How to Create + Send a Loom Video Message on LinkedIn

If you are not familiar with Loom, watch the video below for a complete walk through on how I created a simple video message and sent it to my buddy “G” using LinkedIn’s direct messages.

What’s included in the video:

  • How to record a webcam message using Loom
  • How to edit the message using Loom’s built-in video editor
  • How to revise the auto-generated transcript for my closed captions
  • How to enable an animated thumbnail for my video message
  • How to send that video message via LinkedIn (which is the same video posted above)

🎬 Watch the video below for a full tutorial on creating & sending a Loom video message via LinkedIn [15:19 minutes]

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Hi, I’m Gillian Whitney, a LinkedIn Live Stream Strategist & Coach making live video easy peasy. Working with B2B professionals from around the world, to leverage LinkedIn Live to be discovered, noticed, and recognized on LinkedIn®