Making Your LinkedIn Profile Pop

In this special “Down Under Series” episode of the LinkedIn Easy Peasy Podcast I speak with Karen Tisdell about making your LinkedIn profile pop.

Karen Tisdell is a LinkedIn profile expert based in Sydney, Australia. With over 14 years of experience as both a recruiter and LinkedIn profile writer, Karen helps professionals optimize their LinkedIn profiles to attract more clients and opportunities.

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Karen believes that how you show up online matters and that a strong LinkedIn presence is key to professional success. Her approach focuses on writing profiles that speak to the audience’s needs, not just promoting the individual. She emphasizes the importance of crafting a profile that acts as a “trusted guide” for the reader by starting with the reader in mind and addressing their pain points. Karen places a strong emphasis on having a clear and accessible profile with a well-written headline, impactful featured content, and a complete experience and skills section.

Making Your LinkedIn Profile Pop

Wondering how to craft a client-winning LinkedIn Profile?

In this in-depth interview, LinkedIn profile expert Karen Tisdell shares her best strategies for optimizing your profile to attract more clients and opportunities. With over 14 years of experience writing LinkedIn profiles, Karen provides practical tips focused on writing profiles that speak to the audience’s needs.

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💡 Start with the Audience’s Pain Points

Karen emphasizes the importance of starting your “About” section by addressing the audience’s pain points and needs, not focusing on yourself. Your profile should act as a “trusted guide” for the reader, not promote you as the hero of the story.

💡 Craft a Clear and Memorable Headline

Your headline follows you everywhere on LinkedIn and Google, so make sure it clearly states what you do and can pass the “mum test” (i.e. can your mother or grandmother read it and understand what you do?). Karen changed her headline from focusing on personal branding to simply “LinkedIn Profile Writer”, which doubled her business overnight.

💡 Optimize All Profile Sections

Don’t neglect parts of your profile like experience, skills, recommendations and contact info. Highlight what you want to be known for in these sections to complement your “About” section. In the experience section, use all 2000 characters available to fully demonstrate your expertise. And in skills, reorder them to highlight what you want to be known for, not just technical skills.

💡 Include Impactful Featured Content

A video in your featured section can show potential clients what working with you is like, helping them decide if you’re a good fit without an initial call. Let people consume your content first to get to know, like and trust you before scheduling a discovery call.

💡 Use AI Assistance Judiciously

While AI can help with grammar, it cannot capture your authentic voice or address the audience’s needs effectively. Focus on showing up as yourself in your profile, not just copying and pasting a resume. AI falls short of truly optimizing your profile for business impact.

🤔 Wrapping It All Up…

By focusing on the audience’s needs, crafting an accessible profile that acts as a “trusted guide”, and telling your value story authentically in all sections, you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out and attract more of the right clients for your business. With the right strategies in place, your LinkedIn profile can become a lead generation machine for years to come.

P.S. Special shout out to Jared J. Wiese for kindly being cool with me using his “Profiles that Pop” moniker. Unfortunately, I came up with the title for this podcast episode before realizing I’d pinched the name of his company. OOPS! 😳

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And, just in case you don’t know Jared J. Wiese, he’s the owner of Profiles that Pop, an LLC specializing in Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, and Career Coaching.


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EP 119: Making Your LinkedIn Profile Pop

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