If you own a business, there are things you are doing that you don’t even know that you are doing wrong.  What do I mean by that?  You may have a website or an email platform and think you have it all managed.  But there could be many reasons why there are flaws in what you have that not only put your business in danger but put your viewing audience at risk visiting your platforms. Or at the very least they may be delivering a negative experience for your customers.

Let’s walk through the three major areas to impress upon you why you need to review your marketing platforms and be sure that they are compliant, secure, and provide a good experience for your audience.  After this blog, check your sites and do your Online Marketing Audit.

Number One on the list is your website: 

Website Content: Make sure your website information is current. Often, we find outdated information. Perhaps old workshops or staff members.  Or someone might list an events calendar but when you click on it, there are no events. Either delete that calendar or post some upcoming events. It just doesn’t look professional.  Another example would be having a Blog tab and the last article was written 6 months ago or longer. What would someone think of that? Shows you may have lost interest. Stick with it or delete it.

Administration issues: Another big faux paux – some website owners don’t know their own passwords.  This leaves them vulnerable to the designer or perhaps even an ex-partner, or heaven forbid ex-girlfriend. Upset someone and “delete” you have no website. Your out of business.

Website Theme Selection: Here is another consideration –  many businesses, when they are first starting out use a Free Word Press theme.  Makes sense right!  However, as your website grows to accommodate more information you may need to switch to a Premium theme. This change can be a costly process.  So, think twice about that free theme.  Buying a Premium theme from day one might actually cost you less in the long run and can protect your website from being hacked.

Security: This is one I cannot over stress. Does your website have a SSL certificate?  (Secure Socket Layer). This valuable certificate keeps your website and your customers safe from digital worms and other nasty creatures.  If you are in the process of buying your website now, you may be best to see who offers it at a nominal fee at time of purchase.  Save headaches and time later.

Backup Protection: As an additional security concern is your website backed up in the event one day you find its disappeared.  Yes really, it can happen. Such as you could not renew your domain. You could be updating and lose info.  It could get hacked, or infected by a virus.

Audience viewing:  Lastly and very importantly with the advent of mobile phones is your website responsive and easy to read on a phone.  If not, you may have people bouncing from your website because they just can’t read it.  Type might be too small or maybe just too much content – too busy.


Number Two on the list is your Commercial Email Platform:

Audience Viewing: The big one for me is making sure that the template you use is easy on the eye for people checking it out on mobile.  If I can’t read it even with a pair of reading glasses, you can bet I am going to delete that email or online newsletter.  There are some great email platforms out there that have made the commitment to provide templates that are easy to read.  If you are not sure about yours, check it from your mobile phone.   How does it read?  Also, check your statistics.  Are they opening your email?  Are they clicking through to links you offered?

Email Accessories: Do you have a good welcoming email when someone signs up for your newsletter?  Do you have links in your emails or newsletter sending people to your website and social media platforms?

Email Usage:  Are you paying too much for your Platform?  There are a lot of programs out there that offer a lot of good bells and whistles at no or low cost.  Should automation with good wording be a part of your Program?


Number Three on the list is your Social Media Platforms:


Audience Viewing:  I always look at this like having a dinner party.  Is the table set, house cleaned, and cocktails ready?  I would treat my social site in the same manner.  If someone lands on it, what are they going to find. When was my last post?  Is there a good variety? Is my information up to date?  Will customers who want to learn about who I am and what I offer, see enough information to know my story?  If you are about to engage in Social Media ads this is very important.  First impressions can be very telling.

Analytics: Every platform offers some sort of analytics that tell you a lot about your audience.  When are they visiting your posts, etc.  Are you using your platform to your best advantage?

I hope you will take the time to double check your online marketing platforms.  Make a note what needs to be altered, added to, or adjusted to protect yourself, promote your sales, and make your audience enjoy learning from you. Then take the action to accomplish your changes.

P.S.  If you need help or have questions with your Online Marketing Audit, drop us a line at marketing@launch4life.com.

Hi, I’m Gillian Whitney, a Video Marketing Coach specializing in LinkedIn video. Learn more about the services I provide and/or connect with me on LinkedIn.