Podcast episode Journey of Rebranding Your Business on LinkedIn

In this special “Down Under Series” episode of the LinkedIn Easy Peasy Podcast I speak with Michelle J Raymond about the journey of rebranding your business on LinkedIn.

Michelle J Raymond is a LinkedIn expert, social selling strategist, and business growth coach based in Sydney, Australia. She helps businesses grow on LinkedIn through company pages, social selling, and content strategies.

Michelle J Raymond

She is the co-author of Business Gold and The LinkedIn Branding Book. Michelle is passionate about helping businesses avoid underselling themselves and leverage LinkedIn to get the opportunities they deserve to grow.

Rebranding Your Business on LinkedIn: Lessons from Michelle J. Raymond

Michelle J Raymond knows a thing or two about rebranding. She started her own business – originally called Good Trading Co – after a successful career in sales and marketing. But Michelle soon realized the name didn’t accurately reflect what she does: helping businesses grow on LinkedIn through social selling and company pages.

Now Michelle is rebranding Good Trading Co to B2B GROWTH CO to better represent her expanded offerings around corporate training and social selling strategies. The process has been challenging but full of valuable lessons for businesses looking to evolve and grow their brand.

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💡 The Importance of Community

Michelle stresses the value of documenting her rebranding journey through her LinkedIn Branding Show podcast, videos, and posts to help inspire others. She’s received valuable feedback from her community that has helped shape and improve her new brand.

As Michelle says, community feedback is “invaluable” during the rebranding process. She encourages businesses to leverage their networks for input and perspectives to catch any issues early in their new brand and messaging.

💡 Focus on Your New Brand Messaging

Michelle advises businesses to focus on clearly communicating their new brand messaging over being “perfect.” She realized perfection was not achievable or necessary during her own rebrand.

Instead, Michelle focused on crafting simple, straightforward messaging that accurately reflected who she is and what she offers through social selling and LinkedIn strategies. She recommends businesses avoid jargon and keep messaging simple.

💡 Give Yourself Time and Patience

Michelle warns that a complete rebranding process takes months. She advises businesses to give themselves time and be patient and kind to themselves during the journey.

Change and growth are signs of a healthy, thriving business. Rebranding provides an opportunity for evolution – if you can navigate the challenges with clarity, confidence, and community support.

🤔 Wrapping It All Up…

Rebranding your business can be a daunting task, but it’s a necessary step for growth and evolution. By taking it one step at a time, you can navigate the challenges of rebranding your business on LinkedIn and emerge stronger and better positioned for the future.


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EP 117: Journey of Rebranding Your Business on LinkedIn

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