My LinkedIn Recommendations

There are many video coaches on LinkedIn but Gillian’s clarity of communication sets her apart from the rest. Her stated goal is to make video (and marketing in general) “easy peasy”, and she delivers on that promise. Her content is as helpful as she is lovely! Highly recommended.

John Espirian

I’m a big believer that if you get super close to something you work on everyday, it’s easy to put the blinders on and you need fresh perspective for meaningful growth. I had Gillian review my YouTube channel and I genuinely grew from her feedback. The experience was as Gillian says “Easy Peasy”. We covered how to do better transition cuts, why it’s important to have consistency between YouTube and LinkedIn and even how to adjust the start time of YouTube links that you share, for example. For anyone looking to up their video and channel skills, I definitely recommend having a conversation with Gillian.

John Coleman, CEBS

I hired Gillian to help me figure out how to get started with video marketing. I felt utterly confused about the options available for creating and editing video. After working with her, I ended up with so much more than that. After just the first session, the approach was so much more manageable. And after just a few sessions, I had a clear vision of my tech stack and where specifically to use video marketing. All of my video marketing questions were answered. But it didn’t stop there. Gillian has a depth of knowledge that goes beyond video and that’s what I really appreciate about her. If you’re reading this recommendation then likely you’re considering hiring with or working with Gillian in some way. Do not hesitate to do so any longer.

Barb Davids

I purchased a package of 4 hours of lessons on video creation and editing from Gillian. Until we spoke I have literally no idea what I was doing. I wanted to produce video content and I wanted it to reflect my creativity and my brand but simply didn’t know where to start. Gillian has been my vid-spiration. Her sessions were friendly, fun, creative and exciting. She is so knowledgeable that her help extends far beyond video into other brilliant bits of marketing knowledge. Since my sessions I have now launched a YouTube channel (Tree Law TV) and I have started hosting monthly Linkedin Lives. I am getting such great feedback from my content and I feel like Gillian is my secret weapon! I can’t thank her enough and I would recommend to anyone who wants to get on their video journey.

Sarah Dodd

Gillian graciously agreed to be our Spotlight Speaker for The Online Business Academy CH event. From the minute we connected about the event to her appearance, Gillian was professional and easy to deal with. I could personally listen to her all day. She has this amazing ability to take something that may be difficult for her clients to grasp and share it in a way that is easy to understand. Gillian was an exciting Speaker to listen to. Fun, engaging and eager to share her wisdom and tips with everyone. Gillian is known as the Queen of short-form video. Her authentic and fun style had everyone engaged. I highly recommend Gillian to train or speak at your event.

Wanita Zoghby-Fourie

When I recorded a LinkedIn profile video and struggled with adding captions, I asked Gillian for advice. She shared links to relevant videos and I was able to use her advice to produce the captioned profile video I wanted. Gillian’s Easy Peasy videos are straightforward, easy to follow and her style is so engaging. If you’re working with videos (whether it’s LinkedIn cover stories, profile videos or a video series), Gillian is highly recommended.

Lisa de Caux

Gillian knows how to host exciting shows with a lot of valuable insights. Well-known speakers share something new and unique. A great pleasure to learn more on these live streams.

Anatolii Ulitovskyi

Gillian made my experience as a LinkedIn Live Guest “Easy Peasy.” She provided a practice run-through to increase my confidence and provided the live broadcast link for me to use in my own social media. I would definitely work with Gillian again!

Diane Windingland

After having LinkedIn Live for almost a year, I wanted to step up my game by giving my LinkedIn Lives a more “professional” look. I was using Streamyard because of its user-friendly interface, but I was stumped on the branding. Since I had been following Gillian on LinkedIn, I decided to book a consultation.

When Gillian says easy-peasy, she means it. During the consultation, she showed me how to use the Streamyard branding functions AND create the elements I needed in Canva. I’ve since recommended Gillian to a friend who was equally impressed with her skill and knowledge.

Annette Richmond

I’ve just done my second LinkedIn Live with Gillian talking about video. This time it was LinkedIn Cover Stories: Holiday Edition. Gillian is such a brilliant Live host and LinkedIn professional. She prepared slides & videos for our live that were seamlessly incorporated into the live that made it all run so smoothly. She’s brilliant to talk to and is a subject matter expert on video and LinkedIn Live. Her enthusiasm and ability to help people with video is wonderful. If you need a coach to help you create your own video, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, Gillian. She’s a lovely person to work with too.

Clare Carroll

Where do I start with recommending Gillian? Gillian is simply – wonderful! This lady’s knowledge of LinkedIn video (and all things LinkedIn in fact), is phenomenal. Gillian really knows all there is to know about making video for LinkedIn. Not only that, she shares her knowledge with generosity, kindness and in a way which even the most novice can understand. I collaborate with Gillian in our weekly Clubhouse room and she is never flummoxed by questions and gives her knowledge freely. Presenting a masterclass recently, Gillian arrived prepared, cheerful and equipped with exactly the right tone of voice for the group. If you want to learn video or if you want someone to create it for you – Gillian is the bomb 💣. Do not hesitate, go straight to Gillian Whitney!

Sarah Clay

Gillian is just a great inspiration, as well as a highly skilled and knowledgeable video maker. Her big heart and great skills shared with her students and clients in abundance, have helped me with making my videos, and helped so much! She is just a fantastic person to work with! Thank you, dear Gillian! Lena

Dr Lena Morrish

I was delighted to have Gillian Whitney as my guest on Cargo Margo Live. She was professional, prepared, and added so much value. Gillian communicates clearly and effectively. Her positive energy gives her the ability to connect with a broad range of viewers. Most importantly her marketing knowledge is extensive. Her video content and creation tips will set you up for success. I look forward to working with her again!

Margo “CargoMargo” Waldie

Gillian came into my group and gave us the most amazing masterclass on how to create videos for marketing. It was truly amazing and inspired a lot of my audience to try it out which is incredible as a lot of my clients are very tech challenged. Thank you Gillian.

Moira Doherty

Gillian did a fabulous job presenting on video best practices to my weekly LinkedIn networking event. I received great feedback from the event and am looking forward to inviting her back. I’d recommend Gillian to present at your event and as a great resource where you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of using video.

Kenneth Lang

Meeting Gillian here on LinkedIn in 2020 has been one of the highlights of my LinkedIn experience! Gillian’s kindness and also her enthusiasm for everything she does shines brightly at all times. Her manner is nurturing and encouraging, and she teaches video in a way that makes it seem so simple and straightforward. Gillian is a true expert at all things video LinkedIn too. Collaborating with Gillian each week in Clubhouse has enabled me to see the extent of her knowledge and experience. If you want to know anything at all about making videos – for LinkedIn or anywhere else – do not go anywhere else but to Gillian Whitney!

Sarah Clay

Gillian is a video genius. If you want to say something, but aren’t sure how to say it, she will help you get your message across, with her “easy-peasy” tips. Gillian is a wellspring of ideas, and with her energy and positive mindset, she is sure to help you solve the most obscure branding issues. Whether on LinkedIn™, or any other social media or off, she will turn video from something scary, to your friend.

Ralph Birnbaum

I am founder of the Solopreneur Academy and interview a guest expert each month on subjects of interest to my members. Gillian has been my guest expert multiple times, most recently in the past week, when she gave a 1-hour presentation about how to use video in LinkedIn. Gillian’s presentations are always organized, well-prepared and contain great information (without being overwhelming). What I love most about working with Gillian is her calm demeanor. She is able to explain difficult concepts in an easy and understandable manner.

Sue Allen Clayton

Gillian Whitney is a complete expert in the area of LinkedIn Video. In addition to this, Gillian’s expertise and knowledge in the broader area of Digital Marketing means Gillian has additional valuable skillsets that enable her to understand a client’s overall Digital Plan Requirements; and from there she can craft an excellent tailor made solution around the delivery and production for either an Individual’s or a Company’s goal for excellent LinkedIn Video results. Not only do I personally recommend Gillian, but I’ve recommended her to Clients & Contacts of mine; and they’ve all been extremely impressed with her work and her professional and friendly approach to each project assignment. In addition, I know Gillian is helpful, kind and easy to work with, and she will go the distance for her many happy customers. I highly recommend if you need help or work carried out for your LinkedIn Video or Strategy around this, look no further than Gillian Whitney. Bests wishes, Stephen Quinn.

Stephen Quinn

I have only known Gillian for a little less than a year, but I HAVE to take this opportunity to recommend her to others. I was a client of Gillian’s recently when she created an Intro video for me. She was a pleasure to work with. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed to express my values and brand. And, she was able to create what I needed with precision, speed and quality that is second to none. Gillian is a citizen of the world having lived in four different countries (the US, Canada, the UK and now Israel). She is queen of “Easy Peasy” Marketing, a “Google Goddess” (ask her about prehistoric Googling) and a fellow BitmoPerson! You should follow or connect with her right now. I highly recommend her services! Namaste 🙏 🖖

Jeff Young

Gillian is amazing and so talented. She was able to effectively bring my #decidetobekind movement to life though a wonderfully animated video clip that effectively showcases my mission and my brand. Gillian is so kind hearted and easy to work with. She was able to clearly see the big picture and ensure that the message behind the movement was strong and clear! I appreciate her skill, knowledge, and approach. Would recommend her in a second! Truly appreciate you Gillian!

Shelly Elsliger, PPCC, EDI Cert.

Gillian is one of those rare finds in the business world. A skilled marketer, she develops both the strategy as well as the implementation of ‘easy peasy’ marketing for business entrepreneurs especially keen to scale up and do more. She can take a technical topic and make it easy to understand and implementable. Gillian offers exactly the right marketing tools to help her clients achieve exactly that, without getting distracted or confused. After building firm foundations, she then takes them to the next level. She also coaches them on how to implement the tools for themselves, so they market their businesses in a steady, systematic way. An avid learner, her research skills are second to none and she will always give grounded advice, in context, which exactly matches her clients’ needs. Gillian above all is such a kind-hearted person who is easy to talk to as well as trust. No fluff or flannel, just sound, practical, easy to implement marketing strategies and services. Her writing is incredible too. I highly recommend Gillian to anyone serious about growing their business with straightforward marketing strategies and activities. She will quickly become that ‘go-to’ person and marketing partner with the know-how to make actual, practical growth happen for them.

Katherine Ledger

Had a great coaching session yesterday with LinkedIn marketing video expert Gillian Whitney. I was so impressed with Michelle J Raymond’s intro videos on her YT channel that I naturally asked her how she did it. Her response was “The intro video I’m very thankful to Gillian Whitney for bringing my vision to life better than I could have ever done!” WOW! Now that’s a wonderful endorsement. So now that I am amplifying my video strategy for my clients and my own brand, who do I turn to? Who comes to mind to be better equipped to guide me? Gillian does! That’s the POWER OF LINKEDIN! After our first session, I already implemented several of her recommendations. Next up we will work together on creating an intro video for my new website and YT channel. Plus a whole bunch of other goodies! If you haven’t starting using video yet or if you are using it but not sure you’re optimizing it, engage with Gillian and you will be light years ahead.

Judi Radice Hays

I was comfortable recording videos but struggled with all the technical aspects of editing and creating consistent branding. Gillian to the rescue! Her knowledge is impressive but, more importantly, she knows how to pick just the right tips to help you and adjusts that training to the learning style of her clients. You may have seen how generous Gillian is with her free guidance in her tips on LinkedIn™ and on her Youtube channel – now imagine that expertise honed in on exactly what you need, along with her patience and sense of humor.

Sandra Clark

Using video is important, and I needed a structured workflow to be more efficient with the tools I use. Gillian to the rescue! I invested in a four-hour coaching package to go over the tools I use and to develop and refine a methodology to use more videos on a variety of platforms. It was a personal Easy Peasy Masterclass! I enthusiastically recommend Gillian!

Christopher G. Johnson

Videos are the most difficult type of content to create. Gillian makes video creation Easy Peasy! It’s not just her excellent technical knowledge, but also the human side. I could never have thought that I could create my own video content. I thought it was younger and more technical people who did it. Did I mention younger? Gillian gave me the confidence and knowledge how to become independent creator, so that I could continue my own journey. She has lots of patience. She has a solution for every budget. If you can’t afford one on one coaching, which is the most efficient and was necessary for me. I’m not very technical, I’m a human person. Her YouTube channel has lots of tips on every topic related video creation. I will continue working with Gillian and enjoy every moment of it.

Tiina Jarvet

Gillian makes making videos for LinkedIn, just as she says, easy peasy! I followed her cover video directions word-for-word and in less than 45-50 minutes, I had my LinkedIn Cover Video up, edited and captioned … when I had no clue how to do it before I started. Truly easy peasy and she lives up to her mantra in so many other ways when interacting with her. Gillian rocks!

Lisa Rangel

I ❤ Gillian! Let me count the ways:

💠 She hosted the most spectacular Vegas-themed book launch for Michelle J Raymond’s and my book, Business Gold. Talk about going the extra distance! Everyone who attended raved about it.

💠 She was the ultimate guest on one of my Link∙Ability webinars, freely sharing her knowledge with attendees. Gillian went to the extra effort of providing a comprehensive pdf as a take-away which was widely downloaded.

💠 Her LinkedIn posts are entertaining, thought-provoking and value-packed. I try never to miss a single one (and if you’re not connected to or following her, you’re missing out).

💠 Gillian does exactly what she advertises – makes video easy-peasy. For those of us for whom this is not our happy place, she is helpful and makes it … easy.

I am so pleased to have discovered Gillian, she has made such a positive difference to my professional life.

Lynnaire Johnston

Gillian is a major force of nature and just so good when it comes to LinkedIn, marketing and an expert beyond doubt when it comes to all things video.

Privilege to be in her tribe and to be asked to contribute to her LinkedIn Live.

Highly recommend Gillian for her knowledge, commitment to helping others and for being just so approachable and genuine.

Have a conversation with her and learn all about her approach to helping people with video marketing. You will learn a ton of good stuff.

Angus Grady

Gillian is a great video marketer and one of my favourite LinkedIn experts. She introduced me to some very helpful video tools I could use for my social media channels. Gillian was also kind enough to invite me as a guest to one of her LinkedIn Live shows in 2021. We chatted about repurposing our skills to change careers and/or to become self-employed. Thanks, Gillian!

Claudia Kozeny-Pelling

I’ve seen Gillian do incredible work. Raise money for charity. Create an awesome book launch. Support my work on LinkedIn. Give valuable advice to others in a Clubhouse room. This is all across multiple time zones. Her balance of work ethic, mixed with personality and warmth is unique. She is the kind of person everyone needs on their team and I highly recommend people work with Gillian to see what she can deliver for them.

Niraj Kapur

ALL of Gillians videos are terrific. I was able to execute my first video captioning WHILE I watched her explainer about Clipchamp on my iPhone! She’s an absolute ace with her work and a lovely person as well. Highly recommend her as a professional who puts the proper time into her own professional development.

Debbie Wemyss

I had been fumbling my way through using Kapwing and stopped making videos as they took me far too long to make. To the point where I stopped making them. On the flip side, I know how important video is for building trust on social media platforms and also sharing wisdom. So rather than not make a video or drain the time I already don’t have, I invested 1.5 hours with Gillian where she gave an absolutely Easy Peasy Masterclass on editing. Honestly, her tips are going to save me so much frustration and time! Do yourself a favour and book in! Trust me – my only regret is I didn’t do this sooner. Thanks Gillian!

Michelle J Raymond

This is 2021, and video is something we all need to know how to use. Sad to say, many of us have no idea how to create one. 😟 Never fear: Gillian is here! 😊 As she says, it’s “easy peasy,” and it is — for HER! And she’s the kind of person you want for that knowledge; she’s also a kind and caring person who loves to help others.

Susan Rooks

Whether you’re a jobseeker, or employed, or a business owner, admit it: you’ve been toying with the idea of doing videos on social media. That’s why you’re on Gillian’s profile right now, correct?! Well, no one makes video marketing more fun or easy-peasy like Gillian Whitney! I had the distinct pleasure of having Gillian on my LinkedIn Live earlier this year, and she was in-cre-di-ble, truly! -So much knowledge packed into an hour -She was up and bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5 AM, due to the 9 hour time difference with Europe -The audience absolutely loved her You will too, I promise you. If you’re in the market for a video coach, or just want to learn from the best, Gillian’s your gal.

Sonal Bahl

Posting on LinkedIn on a daily basis was one challenge that I thought was going to be tough. Then I was introduced to video posts and blogs. Help! I asked someone who had helped me with my LinkedIn profile, posting and lots of other things (Lynnaire Johnston). Lynnaire recommended Gillian, so we spoke and we got on really well. Gillian clearly knew Video Marketing and the “Easy Peasy” concept resonated with me. I am still far from an expert when it comes to video as that comes with experience and logging the hours, but now I know what I am doing and Gillian has helped me eradicate lots of mistakes. My videos look so much better, I feel a lot more natural and I am delighted that I chose to work with Gillian. Highly recommended.

Craig Alexander Rattray

While Gillian is no doubt a master of her craft and THE QUEEN of video, she is also one of the most humble and knowledgeable –forever curious thought leaders on LinkedIn. Ask her about any tech tip and it’s on the ready. Last month Gillian spoke to my group of Sr. Creatives & Marketers. We’re talking industry leaders adept in using video for their Clients, the world’s most recognizable brands, but not utilizing it for themselves. They weren’t missing a beat. Taking notes, blown away and yes, implementing right away on her direction. Thank you Gillian for being one of the finest examples of leadership and learningship (I just made that up for you!)

LoRen 🚀 gReiFf

A skillful, tech-savvy Goddess with a capital G (great as well). While my adjectives run wild only by thinking of her. Your fingers would too, if you only know the vast depth of knowledge she is putting via her service. I haven’t found (yet) a more pleasant person to talk to one-on-one. She’s the cure for all introverts and video-scared faces. Providing you with understanding and safety. 👩🏻‍🏫 Goddess is teaching you everything about the video + (overall) marketing world. She is a 24h learner like she is the 17teen! You want this spirit when you’re upgrading to all modern communicational tools for your business. Practical, agile, walking your shoes while explaining how tech stuff works and the audience follows. She is the most charming and trustworthy coach in the marketing world. Whilst you’re here, make sure to hit the “message” button next to her name. And you’re set for A+ 🌟

Jana Radonjić

What do you write about someone you’ve come to know, like & trust, the way I have done with Gillian? It’s not easy, because the words come from your heart and no longer from your head. During 2020, this remarkable, caring, passionate, marketing genius, has become one of my closest and most trusted friends and I am so grateful and proud to see that continue into 2021. Her knowledge of traditional marketing, video marketing, lead generation, digital and LinkedIn™ marketing, is astounding. And her ability to teach, dozens of techniques, and complex strategies, that will help any business achieve their goals; all in a style and manner that anyone can pick up and understand, is quite incredible. Gillian is a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and an expert in her numerous fields and I don’t have the writing skills to recommend her highly enough. Businesses need Gillian on their Speed Dial.

Craig Allan

Gillian is a treasure. I can’t express enough gratitude here not only for her technical expertise, but also for her overall coaching demeanor. I’m newer to video and initially lacked the confidence to not only appear on camera, but also to creatively develop the content to get there in the first place. I was fortunate to be referred over to Gillian, who assisted in the execution of my “first” LinkedIn video, which was met with a large number of views and highly positive feedback. Her exceptional ability to take an overwhelming video editing process and break it down through the use of various platforms made it not only easy peasy, but her comfortable approach and positive motivation makes the learning process FUN along the way. I’m already working on a couple of other projects and would not only be happy to enlist her services in the future, but also delighted to share her name with the masses, especially those being newer to video and encourage them to connect. Highly enthusiastic two thumbs up for Gillian, our kind and talented “Google Goddess!”

Gehan "G" Haridy-Ardanowski

Many others have said this but Gillian really is a rare find. Generous to the core and brimming with top marketing tips, Gillian enjoys sharing her knowledge insights about LinkedIn and more specifically the latest emerging trends around video marketing. Through her rigorous research, she tests the tools to save you time, money and valuable ‘thinking’ energy. On a one to one level, what makes Gillian stand out from the crowded market is her approach. She doesn’t push. She merely suggests. She doesn’t say: ‘you should’ but rather in her own unique manner meets you where you are at now, fundamentally understanding that one size certainly does not fit all. Her focus is very much centred on her clients – to encourage them, to empower them and to build confidence at their speed, not hers. This is a genuine thank you for all the help you have given me so far Gillian aka the ‘Google Goddess’ and I hope others like me benefit from your wise counsel.

Mousumi Das

I needed help with mail chimp in starting an email newsletter. She did a great job. It was important to her that I learn how to do it and not just have her do all the work. I appreciate that very much and would recommend her 110%

Mike Wesley

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