The Power of Live Stream Sizzle Reels
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, or job seeker, you probably know that positioning yourself as an expert in your field can be the key to your success. One of the best ways to be more visible is by speaking at virtual, in-person, or hybrid events.

But in today’s competitive speaking market, you need to have a strong online presence. Which is why having a speaker reel or sizzle reel helps you stand out from the crowd.

A speaker reel is a short video (2-5 min) that showcases your speaking skills and experience. It can include clips from speeches, keynotes, presentations, media interviews, and even client testimonials.

A sizzle reel is a shorter video (1-2 min), designed to quickly grab attention, demonstrate your speaking skills, and encourage the viewer to learn more.

Unfortunately, the problem for so many of us is that we don’t have the required video footage to demonstrate any on-stage speaking experience. Ugh!

But have no fear, I’m going to let you in on a work around for growing your speaking career.

Live Stream Sizzle Reel

Enter the live stream sizzle reel… a short, dynamic video designed to highlight your best live stream moments.

It’s a easy peasy way to give potential clients a taste of your unique personality, demonstrate your speaking skills, and illustrate the value you can bring to their audience.

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Here’s a few of the benefits of having a live stream sizzle reel:

  • Positions you as a thought leader. A well-crafted sizzle reel shows you’re an expert in your field and that you have a valuable message to share.
  • Helps you book more speaking events – virtual and in-person. Potential clients are more likely to book speakers who have a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative live streams.
  • Builds trust and credibility. When potential clients see you in action, they get a sense of your personality and determine if you’re a good fit for their audience.

Check Out My Live Stream Sizzle Reel

Click play to watch the video clip below (02:00)

How I Created MY Live Stream Sizzle Reel

The first step in creating your live stream sizzle reel is to think about what’s your goal.

In my case, I wanted to highlight my expertise on the topic of video – both live and recorded. I also wanted to convey that I’m a lively and engaging guest who is comfortable on camera.

Next, I began combing through all of my previous live stream guest appearances, looking for the sound bites that would meet my goals. I have to be honest with you, this can take a LOT of time.

With pen and paper in hand, I made a note of any sound bite time-stamps and then created a series of micro-clips. Afterwards, I assembled the best clips into my video editor tool to create a 2 minute compilation video.

Next up, I added burned-in captions (which is always a must for me) so my videos are accessible to all. And finally was ready to add some snazzy background music . Easy peasy.

Last, but not least, I contacted all the wonderful live stream hosts featured in my live stream sizzle reel and asked for their permission to use the footage. I was delighted that every one of them said, “YES!”

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What If You Need Some Help?

If you don’t have the time, energy, or talent to create your own live stream sizzle reel, just know there are lots of great videographers, video editors, and/or video production companies, who specialize in creating custom videos for speakers.

My first suggestion would be to reach out to anyone in your network that already has a speaker or sizzle reel and see who they used. The power of word of mouth referrals is incredible.

Or, consider hiring me. Creating custom videos is just one of the video & live streaming services I provide. Simply send me a DM if you’re interested in having a chat.

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Where & How To Use Your Live Stream Sizzle Reel

Once your live stream sizzle reel is all done… what can you do with it?

Here’s my suggestions:

  • Host your video on Vimeo and/or YouTube so it has a permanent home.
  • Embed your video on your website and all social media channels.
  • Share the link with podcast or live stream hosts when applying to be a guest on their show.

By promoting your live stream sizzle reel, you can reach a wider audience and get in front of key decision makers.

Summing It All Up:

Creating a live stream sizzle reel is a great investment in your future success as a speaker. It’s an easy peasy way to position yourself as a thought leader, book more speaking events, and build trust and credibility with potential clients.

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