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Mastering LinkedIn Live: Tips from Gillian Whitney on Going Live with Ease

In my recent speech at UpLift Live, I shared my insights on how anyone can go live on LinkedIn, even without being a “Hollywood producer”. I have been going live on LinkedIn every Tuesday for over 3.5 years, and wanted to share actionable tips to help you leverage the power of live video.

Sketchnote of Gillian Whitney's talk at Uplift Live 2024

Here’s a summary of my talk:

I believe live video is easier than recorded video in many ways. There’s no need to imagine your audience, no editing required, and LinkedIn automatically generates captions. Live video is authentic, engaging, and helps build trust and loyalty with your network.

To get started with LinkedIn Live, you need at least 150 connections/followers, a third-party broadcast tool, and an account in good standing for 30+ days. You can go live solo or with guests for anywhere from 10 minutes up to 4 hours.

While hosting your own LinkedIn Live show takes considerable time and effort, being a guest is an easier way to expand your reach, grow your network, and establish your expertise. As a guest, you get exposure to the host’s audience in addition to your own.

Click the graphic below to see the slidedeck.

UpLift Live Conference 2024 by Gillian Whitney

Click the graphic to see the slidedeck.

UpLift Live Conference 2024 by Gillian Whitney

Here’s my top 7 tips for LinkedIn Live success:

1. Tech: Use gear you already have – a laptop, ring light, webcam, headphones and a microphone. Aim for podcast-quality sound and keep the mic close. Don’t get caught up in having a fancy studio setup. Here’s the gear I use.

2. Internet: A fast, stable connection is crucial. Use speedtest.net to check your upload speed (aim for 5-7 mbps). Connect via Ethernet, reduce bandwidth usage in your location, and close unused apps during the live.

3. Marketing: Promote before and after on LinkedIn (invite connections) and other channels. Write a compelling post about the live topic. Use the LinkedIn repost feature rather than sharing to consolidate comments.

4. Talking Points: Prepare bullet points and stories/examples to support your key messages. Speak in concise “sound bites” to allow for dialogue. Keep it conversational rather than a monologue.

5. Comments: Acknowledge audience comments to boost engagement and reach. Respond to comments before, during (get the host to display them), and after the live to make people feel seen and heard.

6. Resilience: Expect the unexpected and roll with it during the live. Technical issues, background noises, guest pop-ins – staying adaptable and authentic is key. These human moments often resonate with the audience.

7. Repurpose: Extend the life of your live content. Create video snippets, social posts, articles, podcast episodes, even a book based on your live conversations. Start small by picking one repurposing method.

By implementing these tips I believe any professional can master LinkedIn Live. With consistency and practice, going live on LinkedIn really can be “easy peasy” and open doors to new opportunities.

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